Solving FileMaker IOS SDK Errors

Some fixes for issues with bringing NFC technology to iOS Apps

1. To fix this error:

Incomplete Document Type Configuration. The CFBundleDocumentTypes dictionary array in the ‘array’ Info.plist should contain an LSHandlerRank value for the CFBundleTypeName ‘All Files’ entry. Refer to for more information on the LSHandlerRank key.

= ADD the Handler rank line with ALTERNATE as the value.

2. To fix this error:

Asset validation failed
Invalid entitlement for core nfc framework. The sok version ‘16.1’ and min OS version ‘15.0’ are not compatible for the entitlement ‘ formats’ because ‘NDEF is disallowed’. (ID: 0566349f-39b6-42df-ab48-9fbcd845730a)

Go to your application entitlement file (Which will be mostly entitlement if you don’t have any environmental setup or changes done to entitlement file name)

Remove all entitlement for NFC other than “NFC tag-specific data protocol”

Finally your entitlement file should have something like this:

<key></key> <array> «string>TAG</string>

3. To fix this error:

The app references non-public symbols in Payload/

= Upgrade the IOS SDK to v19.6.3 

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