NexTecH provides business management solutions

A solution can be found to every problem- and we can design improvements to every step of your company’s daily operations.

Who we Are


NexTecH’s Founder, DJ (Daniel James) has decades of information technology experience, with emphasis on software development and network management. Prior to founding NexTecH, DJ was a sole proprietor and graphic designer for Computer Graphic Business Services in Huntington Beach, CA. Now, he assists companies in bridging the gap between business and technology. 

What we Do

Do you wish your database was better customized to meet your working needs? We specialize in developing and designing custom Claris Solutions, Utilizing Claris FileMaker Pro, Claris Cloud, Claris Studio and Claris Connect systems for clients large and small.

Why we do what we do

As dedicated members of the community, we WANT to see your business thrive. We have worked with every version of FileMaker Pro since version 1 and have the necessary software and experience to bring your database, and therefore your business, up-to-date.

25+ Years

in business

69,000+ hours

of work

450+ Clients


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Decades of Support Services

Claris Solutions Alliance member since 1996

  • 1990 – Mac ver. rebranded as FileMaker Pro 1.0 / 1992 Windows Ver.
  • 2000 – v.5 new file format (extension .fp5) / V7, released in 2004 (.fp7)
  • 2010 – v.11, 2010/ FileMaker GO / v12 (.fmp12) / 2019 FMS Linux server
  • 2020 – v.19 – v2023 / Claris Connect / Claris Studio / Claris v2023 Platform
  • Now: Continuing to provide excellent support to our clients!


NexTecH has an incredible network of partners that help get all manner of jobs done. Our business has been a member of the Filemaker community for decades and has forged working relationships with developers, designers, coders, managers, and more.

Business Philosophy

Our mission is to deliver powerful, easy-to-use solutions for businesses of all sizes. We are dedicated to utilizing the absolute best products to provide top quality services.

Give us a ring and we will talk about the goals for your project, what needs to be solved, your timeline and your budget. A preliminary conversation is a excellent way to determine if it is a mutually good fit to work together to achieve your goals.

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