Filemaker Licensing

We help you get a deal on your plan

We can assist you in purchasing a FileMaker license by guiding you through the process and providing the necessary information and support for the following:

  • Understanding your requirements: Your specific needs, such as the number of users, hosting options, and any additional features or add-ons you may require. This will help us determine the most suitable FileMaker license for your organization.
  • License options: We can explain the different license options available, including FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Pro Advanced, FileMaker Server, and FileMaker Cloud. We will provide details on the features and pricing of each option, helping you make an informed decision.
  • Renewal & Restoration of Existing Licenses
  • Upgrades or Additional Licenses
  • Installation & Configuration of your License

Everyone’s needs are unique, which is why there is a range of options to make sure you get exactly what you need. Whether it’s a simple User license or something more specific like Concurrencies or Site licenses, we’re here to find the perfect deal for you.

By NexTecH

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